You can once again order Southern Tab cigars online!


    ...when you order any Gold Leaf Bundle!

In March, 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 2339, the Protecting American Lungs and Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2020. This bill is designed to address the youth tobacco, vaping, and e-cigs epidemic, which we fully support, but the bill also restricts any tobacco products sold online, regardless of age. Until we find an alternative option, Southern Tabs will only be available in our partner retail stores through face-to-face transactions.


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Southern Tobacco hand-rolled

for the Southern Gentleman

Master Cigar Blender, Eric McAnAllen, from the blackpatch region of Kentucky, has crafted a premium Southern tobacco blend at it's finest. Using a proprietary Kenbano seed, Virginia Type 37, Dominican Habano Seed, Kentucky broadleaf, and North Carolina broadleaf. Finally, a premium cigar brand that actually celebrates being grown in the South ... where it all started.

Life Celebrated

Experience it fuller & celebrate it sweeter

There are always moments worth celebrating; from a baby's birth, to your buddy getting married, to finally getting that big promotion, to that sweet victory over your rival in the big game. Life needs to be celebrated. But here in the South, Life is celebrated properly with a Southern Tab cigar.

Or Just Because

...you never know what it might inspire

There is nothing like sitting on a back porch, gazing at the stars, discussing life, with your best buddies ... except sitting in beach chairs, looking out at the ocean, discussing life with your best buddies. ... But then there's walking through the fields, shoulder to shoulder with your buddy, kicking up fowl ... And those brain-storming meetings that call for a relaxed refection on life to inspire something big.